Learn how to craft well-designed websites, apps, interfaces, and other digital products on November 14 at Form Function & Class 6.

Good design is more valuable than ever in creating successful products and stand-out services. Without it, bad design takes over, making your customers frustrated, confused, and dissatisfied.

This year, the Philippine Web Designers Organization invites you to the Form Function & Class web design conference, where we take a stand against bad design and take it down.

On November 14 you will learn: what constitutes a bad design? How can user experience be dangerous? Which development practices are considered harmful? You won’t just get inspired, but all fired up to become better designers and create great things.

We are flying in the sharpest minds in design & development from all around the world, armed with strategies you can implement to eliminate faulty interfaces, substandard code, and poor experiences. Not only are they updated with what’s the best & latest in the trade, they’re the trailblazers and innovators themselves.

Leading the charge are:

BRAD FROST — web designer, author, speaker, consultant, the creator of Atomic Design, and one of the leading web standards advocates at Future Friendly. He will also hold a special Masterclass on Responsive Design on November 15.

RACHEL NABORS — an award-winning cartoonist and an Invited Expert by the W3C on web animation. You will learn how you can improve the user experience of your projects, leave a great impression on your users, and bring delight to your customers through various animation techniques.

HOLGER BARTEL — web design consultant and frontend developer living in Hong Kong. You will learn common design and development mistakes, ranging from design implementations to technical issues, and how to avoid them.

ANGELA SALUD CHUA — visual & user experience designer who has been crafting web and mobile experiences for 8 years. You will learn how to exercise experimentation and iteration in your design work.

ANGELA OBIAS — consultant and co-founder of Priority Studios (a design research consultancy), teacher at the Ateneo De Manila University and product design mentor for startup incubator Ideaspace Foundation. You will learn how to get a good way to “read” data insights, used by research practitioners to read data and consumer behavior.

JAMES CABRERA — self-taught UX/UI Designer at Refinery29 and proud Fil-Am based in New York City. You will learn key strategies for what makes a successful product designer, above just being a regular one.

FFC6 is open to web practitioners, designers & developers, professionals & students, freelancers & hobbyists, and everyone who makes sites & apps. Whether you’re just starting to learn web design or are already a veteran, it’s important to stay updated with the latest skills, concepts, and trends of the ever-changing industry.

To register, go to http://www.formfunctionclass.com now!

Packages are also available so you can join the conference, masterclass, and an exclusive welcome dinner for the speakers:

  • REBEL: FFC6 web design conference
  • MAVERICK: FFC6 + Masterclass with Brad Frost
  • REVOLUTIONARY: FFC6 + Masterclass + Speaker Dinner (limited slots)

Tickets are inclusive of snacks, lunch, and free-flowing coffee. Participants shall also receive a conference kit, access to conference videos, and the chance to win exciting raffle items. Digital certificates of participation can be provided by request.

For further inquiries, you may contact info@pwdo.org.

About the Organizer

Form Function & Class is organized by the Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO), a grassroots group of web professionals who want to create a venue for meeting and learning from the best minds in the industry.

FFC is PWDO’s culminating event for the year, following monthly MiniFFC meetups, a Web Design Workshop on branding & front-end, and the Junior Form Function & Class student conference.