Time Agenda Details
07:30 Start of Registration The earlier you arrive, the faster you’ll get through registration. We will close the doors at 8:50, so don’t be late!
08:50 Welcome Get settled in as the programme starts. Here we go!
09:00 Holger Bartel
Sweating Details
Holger will outline common design and development mistakes, ranging from design implementations to technical issues and how to avoid them. Because the little things are what matters and will make a big difference.
10:00 Angela Salud Chua
Throwaway designs
Details about the speaker’s topic will be announced in the very near future. Be patient, comrades.
11:00 Rachel Nabors
UX & Animation
Rachel will explain how animation is quickly becoming an important aspect of user-friendly interfaces. You will learn the principles of motion in UI designs and how you can apply them in your own projects.
12:00 Lunch  
13:15 Angela Obias
Dark Side of Data-Driven
Angela will talk about having a good way to “read” data insights. Methods and rules of thumb used by research practitioners to read data and consumer behavior will be shared to the participants.
14:15 James Cabrera
Please Recycle: What Makes Being a Product Designer Different Than Just Being a Designer
James will retrace his career path footsteps to realize his calling as a product designer. Along the way James will identify key strategies for what makes a successful product designer, above just being a regular designer.
15:15 Brad Frost
Atomic Design
Brad will introduce Atomic Design, a methodology for creating robust design systems. He’ll cover how to apply atomic design to implement your very own design system in order to set you, your organization and clients up for success.
16:15 Lightning Talks Brief words from our event partners who helped make FFC6 possible.
17:00 Speakers Panel Q&A panel with our speakers, get your burning questions ready! If you have a question for one or more of the speakers, you can go up to the microphone or you can write it on paper and we’ll read it for you.
17:45 Closing Stay for the class picture!