1. For whom is this conference?

    Web designers, front-end designers & developers, user interface designers, interaction designers, mobile designers, user experience designers, graphic designers, web developers, webmasters, bloggers/marketers/social media managers who do web design, media practitioners, students in IT or visual communication, and other related professions. If you work on web and mobile interfaces, FFC is for you.

  2. Why should I attend FFC6?

    You’ll hear from amazing speakers who are the best in the business. Not only are they updated with what’s new in the industry, they’re the trailblazers and innovators themselves–and they’re sharing their wealth of knowledge with you! Every year, we get attendees coming up to us & telling us that they’re on information overload and that they wouldn’t have known of the new technologies available to them if they hadn’t attended the FFC conference. That’s what we want, to nudge our attendees in the right direction so they remain globally competitive in an industry that’s incredibly fast paced.

  3. Why is the event not free?

    FFC takes months of planning, meetings, and actual expenses. PWDO, as a non-profit organization, doesn’t make a dime out of the ticket costs. Everything goes to the next FFC and other projects that PWDO does for the community.

  4. What is the Masterclass all about?

    For the first time ever, the Philippine Web Designers Organization is introducing the Masterclass, an exclusive session where participants can immerse themselves in a must-learn topic taught by a speaker at the forefront of the industry. This year’s Masterclass features Responsive Design with Brad Frost and will be held on November 15 at 2nd Floor Function Hall of Hive Hotel, covering the following topics:

    • The ever-shifting web landscape
    • Approach
    • Foundations of Responsive Design
    • Principles of Adaptive Design
    • Atomic Design
    • Strategy and Workflow
    • Responsive Patterns
    • Development Best Practices

    Read more here.

  5. What happens at the Speaker Dinner?

    The Speaker Dinner in the Revolutionary ticket gives you a chance to sit down, share a meal, and interact with the FFC6 speakers in a quiet, relaxed setting. There are only 5 available seats for this, so grab this rare opportunity now!

  6. Can I pay offline?

    We accept offline payment for the following tickets:

    • FFC Rebel ticket - fixed price of 4,500
    • Masterclass ticket - fixed price of 4,000

    You can pay by bank deposit to the following account:

    Philippine Web Designers Organization, Inc.
    Banco de Oro account # 0280892586

    Once deposited, please send an email with proof of payment to payment@pwdo.org with the subject “FFC 2015 Offline Payment” and indicate the name, email, occupation, & organization of the participant(s).

    NOTE: Payments for other ticket types will be ignored. Payments made after November 7 will be ignored.

  7. Do you offer group discounts?

    A group registration ticket that gives you 10 tickets for the price of 9 is available online.

  8. Are tickets refundable?

    Yes, we issue 50% refund but only until October 8. Please contact us at info@pwdo.org and we’ll get started on the process.

  9. Are tickets transferable?

    Yes, but only until October 8, and within 2 weeks of payment confirmation.

  10. Can I get a student discount?

    Students who are enrolled during the current academic year can avail of the special discounted student rates:

    • REBEL (FFC) - 2,500
    • MASTERCLASS with Brad Frost - 2,500
    • MAVERICK (FFC + Masterclass) - 4,000
    • REVOLUTIONARY (FFC + Masterclass + Speaker Dinner) - 6,000

    You must be able to present your valid proof of enrollment / school ID upon registration & at the conference. You can either purchase your ticket online (FFC Rebel ticket only) or from our student partners:

  11. Is there a dress code for FFC6?

    Smart casual or business casual is recommended.

  12. Do I need to bring my laptop?

    The FFC talks do not require participants to design or code on their laptops, but that is up to you.

  13. Can I get a certificate of participation?

    We will announce details about this soon.

  14. Can I get an official receipt?

    Please sign up to request the O.R. after registration.

  15. Can I bring a Molotov or start a fire inside the venue?

    No, please don’t. Rather than starting a fire, we encourage you to practice & promote web standards. We appreciate the enthusiasm though.

  16. Are you a legitimate organization?

    Yes, the Philippine Web Designers Organization, Inc. has been registered with the SEC as a non-profit organization since 2009, with BIR TIN 007-274-276.

  17. How can I help promote FFC?

    You’re awesome! We’ll share promotional images soon.